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April 15, 2011

Women and the Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Ministers

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Behind Every Man’s Success Is A Woman.

I don’t know if this holds true with the Manalo family of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC).

Please continue reading and find out.

The Rosita Trillanes rape case is a ghost that continues to hunt the credibility of Felix Manalo and the Iglesia Ni Cristo. It is a nightmare for every INC members to know that Felix Manalo has been accused of rape by his own INC member. A court even found Felix Manalo as a ‘man with low moral’. Manalo joined many religions (Methodist Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church, Disciples of Christ, Christian Mission and Seventh Day Adventists) before he decided to form Iglesia Ni Kristo. Felix Manalo had 2 wives, the first, Tomasa Sereneo died then he immediately remarried again, Honorata de Guzman.

Felix Manalo was a former Catholic. Yes, the same Catholic religion that the INC ministers and members always love to attack and malign. Felix Manalo also joined Methodist and then Seven Day Adventist until he realized that he has a ‘calling’ and established his own church and preached to everyone that he is actually an angel being prophesied by the Holy Scriptures. It is also INC’s claim that there is no other true church aside from Iglesia Ni Cristo. With my estimate of less than 1 million, I think it’s sad to think that only INC members (mostly Filipinos) will be sent to heaven.

Everyone knows that Iglesia Ni Cristo supported Gloria Arroyo in the highly doubtful 2004 election. In return, Gloria Arroyo treated INC as a friend and a dependable ally. It is a mutual bonding made from hell. The close relationship of Gloria Arroyo and Iglesia Ni Cristo did not started as sweet as honey. INC tried to oust Gloria Arroyo in EDSA 3 where GMA was forced to declare a State of Rebellion. INC members died in EDSA 3. After starting the relationship on a wrong foot, the bond between Iglesia Ni Cristo and Gloria Arroyo was made even much stronger. Arroyo, which polls says as the Most corrupt President, later declared the much-hated Iglesia Ni Cristo Day on July 27, 2009.

[wiki] Eduardo Manalo (son and successor of Eraño G. Manalo) was also reported to have an involvement in EDSA 3. … According to Armando Doronila’s The Fall of Joseph Estrada: The Inside Story, – as well as local newspaper reports such as the May 7, 2001 issue of Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manalo was reportedly involved in a rebellion plot against the Philippine government under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in EDSA III… The political nature of the Manalo family is very clear and the alliance of the Iglesia Ni Cristo with Gloria Arroyo cannot be denied.

Aside from being involved in government appointments, Iglesia Ni Cristo of the Manalo family is also well known for intervening political issues in the Philippines. INC cult group calling different Congressmen to stop a widely supported impeachment case against an Ombudsman is totally wicked. Filipino people has been waiting the impeachment case against Ombudsman Gutierrez because of its plea bargaining agreement with General Carlos Garcia and other gross negligence by the office of the Ombudsman. Obviously, Iglesia Ni Cristo enjoyed more attention from a president during the Arroyo administration than with the present Aquino administration. Eduardo Manalo (who just inherited the position of Executive Minister from his dad when he died) is still a newbie in political decisions. Iglesia Ni Cristo taking the side of Gloria Arroyo and Merceditas Gutierrez is political suicide for a neophyte Eduardo Manalo. Arroyo and Gutierrez are rotten compared to mass-beloved President Noynoy Aquino.

Iglesia Ni Cristo failed in convincing Congressmen to stop the impeachment case against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez. Many lawmakers on the House of Representatives have said that a high ranking official of influential political group of Iglesia Ni Cristo has been making call about the impeachment. Half of Filipinos back Gutierrez’s impeachment, as proven by a survey. 4 members of the Macapagal / Arroyo clan and the INC Congressman Marcoleta are among who voted NO. It is widely believed that most of the 46 members of the House who voted NO are sympathizers of Gloria Arroyo. Why did Iglesia Ni Cristo try to stop the impeachment of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez? — Merceditas Gutierrez was appointed as Ombudsman by Gloria Arroyo, a friend of INC.

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