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April 15, 2011

Iglesia Ni Cristo BuKaBin (Worldwide)

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Iglesia Ni Cristo

I am not quite sure about the BuKaBin group inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo. My INC friends in school previously shares their stories about their church activities inside Iglesia Ni Cristo but never they have told me about BuKaBin. INC is usually secretive on their inner workings unless some news got spread on newspapers. Since INC have caught my attention some few years ago, the only groups I am quite aware of are the following:

• Children’s Worship Service or CWS – for handog or INC children

• Binhi – baptized teenagers

• KADIWA – single, unmarried members (Kabataang May Diwang Wagas)

• Buklod – all married members.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Until I saw a facebook page about BuKaBin. It appears that the BuKaBin is a combined group of 3 different subgroups inside Iglesia Ni Cristo. BuKaBin = BUklod, KAdiwa, and BINhi. Basing on the facebook info page of the group, BuKaBin ay samahan ng mga may tungkulin sa Iglesia Ni Cristo. As an outsider and in the spirit of fairness, I can say that I do not have a complete idea what BuKaBin is all about. Maybe some of our INC readers can give us more info about BuKaBin.

Iglesia Ni Cristo


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