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April 15, 2011

Me, Myself and Iglesia Ni Cristo

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I love writing or blogging about the atrocities of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. I hate wasting time and I prefer spending my free time productively. I truly believe that I contribute to the Filipino society by exposing the Manalo Family and the Iglesia Ni Cristo. The dirty mouth of the INC blogger readme / Conrad Obligacion is also inspiring me to expose INC further more. Readme loves to attack other religion as if Iglesia Ni Cristo is doing nothing wrong. The funny doctrines of INC is also too hard to ignore. I cannot believe that INC members was able to accept that Felix Manalo is an angel. In my eyes, I am helping INC members to open their eyes and someday leave the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. I also believe that I am helping the rest of Filipinos by exposing what type of religious group INC is really are. The awful credibility of Iglesia Ni Cristo is usually being talked about in street corners and different offices during breaks. Bloggers and Philippine media are all both writing news and articles about INC. Only INC diehards are closing their eyes in the truth about Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo

I believe I am spending my time better instead of wasting it around.

I think tormenting INC members have become my favorite past time.

This is the much needed shot in the arm for INC members, the bitter medicine we call TRUTH.

The truth about the wicked news of Iglesia Ni Cristo has been hidden among INC members.

It’s time to wake up.

The violent nature of some INC members should be exposed and serve as a strong warning in dealing with Iglesia Ni Cristo. The political nature of Iglesia Ni Cristo should serve as an eye-opener that INC is hungry for power and political influence among politicians. The hypocrite nature of Iglesia Ni Cristo should also be a signal to us that all those medical and dental relief operations of INC are just for a show. I am a first hand witness how INC members treat their ‘enemies’. I am a witness and constant news reader of how INC murders and hurts other people as reported in different Philippine newspapers and media outlets. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a public menace. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a disgrace foe the entire Filipino nation. The Iglesia Ni Cristo and their participation in EDSA 3 have degraded the world-renowned peaceful EDSA 1. When I learned that INC members died in EDSA 3, I fully realized how Iglesia Ni Cristo is seriously thinking only about their group and does not care about the Philippine society. How can a ‘religious’ group like INC allow their members die in a violent anti-government protest? I pity the INC members who wasted their lives during the EDSA 3. Shame on you Iglesia Ni Cristo. Shame on you Manalo family.

Iglesia Ni Cristo


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