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April 15, 2011

Iglesia Ni Cristo Felix Manalo Statue

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Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo bloggers and members always attack the Catholic statues and images. BUT Manalo followers have no problem with the Felix Manalo statue and Erano Manalo postal stamps. A clear classic case of double standard. The INC doctrine of condemning Catholics and Protestants to hell is unacceptable. They even forget that Felix Manalo came from the Catholic Church. The parents of Felix Manalo was even Catholics. So how and why even the INC members have the nerve to attack the Catholic Church. Felix Manalo also joined numerous protestant groups before deciding to form his own Iglesia Ni Cristo. I cannot understand how INC condemns other religions. To think that only INC members will be saved is foolishness, in my opinion. I read the Bible sometimes but nowhere we can read that heaven is exclusive to Iglesia Ni Cristo members only. Iglesia Ni Cristo cannot even ensure that all of their INC members will be saved because some INC members are also involved in crimes such as murders, rape and drug addiction. INC members also drinks liquors and smoke cigarettes.

We now have a Cardinal Sin statue and I hope the INC members (and ministers) should stop attacking statues since INC have their own Felix Manalo statue. If the Iglesia Ni Cristo have at least amount of decency left for themselves, it would be wise for them to stop attacking other religions like they would usually do on INC blogs and tv programs. Aside from the Felix Manalo statue and Erano Manalo postal stamps, some streets were also named and being proposed by politicians to be named to a Manalo family member. Specially when Erano manalo died, some Congressmen proposed to name some streets after Erano Manalo. Yes, as you have noticed also, the Manalo Family is very dear to Iglesia Ni Cristo members. I even think that the name Manalo is more important than the name of our Lord to fanatic INC members. Have you heard that INC made a move to name a street, building after the name of our Lord? The Manalo clan in the Iglesia Ni Cristo is sacred. I even read on some religious discussion that some INC members are very active in defending the name of Felix, Erano and Eduardo Manalo. Any INC members are offended with the term IGLESIA NI MANALO.

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